cacao des ilesDu CŒUR des Iles au CŒUR de Pariscacao

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The owner is a charmer who welcomes , hugs, blesses, feeds, advises & loves you at first sight! So is the food! The place is quiet with lots of locals ( which is always a good sign) !


We got there early on Monday evening and the place was nearly empty and quiet. To us it looked and sounded "Caribbean" but with an East African island menu: perhaps a mixture of Indian and African. The assorted appetizer platter was excellent as was the prawns in coconut milk served with red beans and rice. Mauratian beer was a good drink to have with it. Complimentary watermelon and a rum liquor ended the meal. Service was efficient and friendly.


Stumbled across this place while wandering about in Montparnasse and what a fun evening! The atmosphere & music lively and busy with lots of locals. The staff adopted us and recommended the food- v good creole shrimp curry and rice followed by coconut ice cream to die for. Complimentary liquor was fierce and there was lots of laughing, hugging and photos. The owner and staff were utterly charming and service could not be faulted. If you are looking for something a bit different and are prepared to enter into the spirit of things it's a fun evening. It won't suit the more stuffy or reserved so go with the flow.